Pastel 2-Ingredient Playdough

Today we spent most of our morning making this beautiful pastel playdough that requires just 2 ingredients and is sooooo soft and sweet-smelling 1 cup cornflour 1/2 cup conditioner Mix, mix, knead, pinch, squeeze, mix and you've got yourself some beautifully soft playdough. Add in some gel food color and we threw in some fairy … Continue reading Pastel 2-Ingredient Playdough

Beginners Chess for Kids

Beginners Chess for Kids - when my kids first learned to play Chess we used this set by Creatives. I loved the simple instructions and the way both ends of the board had a guidline on the allowed movements of each piece. Benefits of Chess: 1. Chess is a game of strategy 2. Improves concentration … Continue reading Beginners Chess for Kids

Cloud Dough – Yellow

Today we made this beautiful fluffy yellow cloud dough. It is thee easiest recipe and whips up in no time providing a wonderful sensory experience. I love this activity because it combines 2 textures in one. A smooth powdery dough which can then be crumbled. The recipe: 4 cups all purpose flour 1/2 cup cooking … Continue reading Cloud Dough – Yellow

Math Dice – Thinkfun

Another super game by Thinkfun is Math Dice Throw the dice including th one with the numbered face. Try to use as many of the dice as possible in finding equations to match the numbered dice. The more you use the higher your points score 😍😍😍 We started this game doing only addition and then … Continue reading Math Dice – Thinkfun

Math Dice – Thinkfun

I love this game Clever Castle by Thinkfun and whats nice is it can be adapted to suit the age of your child. Comes with a booklet that has 40 challenges ranging from easy to super hard. Solutions available at the back of each challenge. Most Thinkfun games are focussed on logic and reasoning and … Continue reading Math Dice – Thinkfun

School Lunchbox Organising

Lunchboxes and organising So having 4 kids means i have to be super organised when it comes to lunchbox preparation and organising. For me the best way to do this is to color co-ordinate lunchboxes and keep a variety of sizes to fit all the yummies. I let the kids choose their own color, my … Continue reading School Lunchbox Organising

Threading Beads Activity

Today we are threading beads onto a string. Can you spot the 2 year old tot??? There is extreme developmental benefit for kids in threading beads. In younger kids (age 1-3) It enhances their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as concentration. In slightly older kids (age 3-6) it also enhances their fine motor … Continue reading Threading Beads Activity