The Wonders of Parenthood

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Whilst writing this article i tend to feel like the title is absolutely clichè. Yet the experience of parenthood and the many wonders are in fact so unique to each of us.

How a mother feels when she experiences life inside of her for the very first time. Although almost all mothers experience “wonderment”, it is yet so special and unique to each one. And although a father does not feel the life inside of him, he is still breathless when he feels the little limbs pushing against the wall of mummies belly.

The list of wonders that a parent experiences throughout the lives of their offspring – even before birth, is unlimited. It is a unique experience with an array of emotions involved, feelings of love, pain, guilt, fear, sacrifice, glee, awe, endearment …. and the list continues…

And, although as a parent we will experience all of these emotions at some or other time in our childrens lives – in fact often a multiple at the same given time – we would still always choose to be here…. right here, everytime.

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