Threading Beads Activity


Today we are threading beads onto a string. Can you spot the 2 year old tot???

There is extreme developmental benefit for kids in threading beads. In younger kids (age 1-3) It enhances their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as concentration.

In slightly older kids (age 3-6) it also enhances their fine motor skills which will pave the way for handwriting, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, math and planning abilities.

Presenting them with a variety of beads in varying shapes, colours and sizes will also encourage their imagination and planning. Older kids will often have an image in their mind of what they would like their completed product to look like – so planning would come into play here and this will encourage and enhance their pattern building. It will also build their math skills because they would need to measure or estimate certain quantities.

I have 2 sets of threading beads (amongst the other informal boxes of beads stacked away), i specifically like the Melissa & Doug set, they are lightweight and small and very comfortable to use for both younger and older kids. There are pretty variations available as well at TAKEALOT. The sets usually have bigger and smaller beads which are ideal as the bigger beads require 3 fingers to grasp which encourages pencil grip whilst the smaller beads need only 2 fingers to encourage their pincer grasp.

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