Number 1


We started number concepts. We are going up only to the number 5 to reinforce my 2year olds concrete to abstract understanding of numbers. I set out this wipe-clean number card for her to roll out some playdough. On the reverse is a single red circle. We using suction beads to stick onto each circle and count as we go. The suction beads are great for fine motor skills and strengthening finger muscles.
I am not really focussing on being able to write the number 1 just yet, but i have been encouraging her to trace it with her finger.

I also set out a piece of paper for her i just wrote in the number 1 and gave her a sheet of star stickers to paste over.
I love sticker activities for toddlers. It encourages their hand-eye coordination and its always a blast. This activity is quick and easy to set up when you dont have time to print out a setnon your PC.


She was such a star.


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