Indoor Hopscotch


Our indoor hopscoth grid has become like a winter tradition in our home.❄⛄ For the past 5-6 years i have being laying out this grid using painters tape. The days are just too short and the nights are just too cold to play outside. And the gross motor activities cant come to a halt can they? ;););)


So we play this game in a variety of ways.
1. The standard way 😆 we use bean bags as our counters or these little broad flat plastic sea animals (i like them to use different counters because they learn to handle objects of different weight and shape accordingly)
2. Using our homemade dice 😅(and some small stickers too – different color for each player)
This method focusses on math skills and logic. Throw both dice and add the numbers. Hop on one foot to that number, balance on that foot while bending down to put a sticker of your colour in that block and then hop back. First one to fill all the blocks with their sticker wins (fall, or hop onto a line and lose that sticker) – our grid goes only up to 10 so when they throw a 11 or 12 then they count the total number of hops e.g throw a 12 then they need to hop to 10 and then back down to 8 = 12 hops)

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