Organising My Day (Part 1)


I was inspired to start writing this post (or i should say one of a string of posts) on how i organise my day by my friend @laylahs_
She asked me yesterday how i manage all the hectic-ness of my day. And honestly i had no easy answer to that question. But there is method to the madness. And each family or individual need to find a method to suit their lifestyle. I would need to post this in parts and hope its helpful.
I spend a big part of my day (3 hours almost) driving and being a mom taxi 🙅🙋🙇🙏 so having everything i need to go with me in the car is mandatory. I dont want to spend time just before i need to leave home trying to gather things i will need for our daily “roadtrip”. So i have printed out everything that needs to go with me on small cards. In this picture is my nappy bag list which ive attached with ribbon to my nappy bag-this list has changed over time according to what we need. Sometimes i ask my helper or my daughter to prepare the bag for me so having a list attached really helps to make sure nothing is forgotten. I try to repack this bag every night so the next day is a breeze. This is my toddlers bag and th list includes:
1. 6xnappies
2. 1 “full” or at leasf half full wetwipes
3. Wrist band (i like having this for the unexpected trip to the mall to make sure shes attached to me all the time when shes out of her stroller)
4. A set of clothes just in case
5. A hoodie if its cold
6. A box of juice and pkt of crisp in case she gets hungry (i usually pack her some wholesome fresh food too, but i keep this always packed in case our outing tends to be longer than expected)
7. Snack tin with dry snacks like pretzels, muesli, dried cranberries etc
8. Warm blanket for winter/ cool one for summer for car naps
9. Small pillow for comfort
10. Hand sanitiser for the on the go nappy changes or eating on the run.


These are 2 other lists that are important for my day-to-day. One goes on my emergency bag (this bag stays in the boot of my car ALL the time and has just a few important items in it)
✔an extra set of clothes for each child
✔hoodie for each child (in case we go out and the weather turns) – happened to me tons of times
✔peak cap for each child
✔2 sealed bottled water
✔Towel (in case)
✔mini first aid kit (antibacterial spray, ointment, plasters and paracetamol)
✔small amount of cash money

I repack this bag only when i know we have used somethin from it otherwise it just stays in the boot.
The second list pictures here is what needs to go into my car and is wonderful when i ask someone else to put things in for me.
1. Pink nappie bag
2. Emergency bag
3. 2xneck pillows if kids fall asleep
4. DVD Player box which has 4-6 kid dvds, remote control, player and plugs
5. Kid crate which has our books and cd’s and travel games
6. Pram
7. Phone charger
8. Bin/plastic bag

I pasted this inside my car on the dashboard.
I know its alot of lists but they have truly made things easier. Hope can help you too.

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