Organising My Day (Part 2)


The next part of how i organise my day / days📔🎀📔
I have always been a lover of folios/planners/momagendas/diaries. In fact i consider myself the first customer when the next years diaries are launched 😂
But more recently i have moved away from having a diary and i have moved on exclusively to keeping a monthly planner, when i did keep a diary i preferred a week-view diary so that i could see everythin for that week at first glance and not have any surprises when i turn the page.
My month planner Is not fancy or pretty, and it cant compare to some of the beautiful planners you can download off the internet but its the right size and its super practical. Its originally designed to be a desk pad and its in A3 size available at most stationers. I tear out the pages and keep 2 months on my kitchen wall. (Will post a version next). I usually dont make my own plans 2 months in advance but i do fill in important dates that are sent out with my kids term calendars. That way we work all other activities around those days and it helps me to ensure that i dont do any double entries on the same day.
Another tip i can add is that its important to do your diary entries immediately so that you dont risk forgetting an event or realise too close to the time that an event is coming up.
I include in my 2 month planner:
✔School events
✔Term dates
I also use semi transparent, color coordinated tabs if a particular event is for a particular child so at first glance i can see who has somethin coming up next.
On the right hand side is a space for notes. In this section i usually fill in things i need to do/reminders for that month that dont need to be done in any particular order. Examples: remebering to make a dentist appointment, remembering to buy next seasons school uniforms etc (and when i am ready then i allocate a day that has time to do it and that usually depends on my day planner)


This is what my monthly planner in action looks like. I put 2 months up on my wall in my kitchen in a space that is convenient and easy to access but also not noisy to look at 😂
I keep my semi-transparent repositionable sticky tabs there too for easy of use. Pink for my 10 year old, green and purple for my 7 & 6 year old. That way i know at first glance when an event is coming up for either or all of them.
I put a line through days that have past – it just gives a feeling of accomplishment to planner addicts like me 😉
I like doing 2 months that way it gives me a broader view of blank spaces if i want to plan anything for those days. I also put a huge “H” to indicate holidays.
In the notes section i fill in reminders of general things i need to do or want to buy during the month that have no particular order.
Tell me if you like this method and if you have any tips of your own to make planning for your family easier?

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