Organising My Day (Part 3)


I manage my time through this daily planner. Its just a guide because when u have a toddler or younger kids home, their needs take priority and u tend to then fall out of the time parameters you have set.
A quick tip : always allocate approx 25% extra time for each entry to account for any unforseen events(in our house- usually a nappy change or at the moment a toddler tantrum)
I lay out this time table for myself and laminated it so it can function as a whiteboard and split it in 30min increments. I worked it out around the times that are constant. Namely:school drop off, pick up and prayer time. Its not often that i need to attend a morning achool function so most mornings are pretty “free” from 9 – 12 and i have made little tabs to slot into this time
✔face mask and puzzles (this happens once a week as part of our activities so i put on my face mask and concurrently build puzzles pr play games with my toddler) thats the only way i can slot in some time for myself
✔grocery shopping happens once a week on a monday and thats a full morning including an eat-out brekkie for me and my tot
✔sorting and packing + tv time(once a week i aim to neaten out cupboards and pack away the bucket of things that we collected over the week that have been lying around. During this time i let my tot get in some tv time-yay for Sophia the first)
✔activity time happens every mornig for my tot and is usually unstructured.
This is what my day looks like
4am Wake up
4:30 shower + coffee
5am prayer
5:30 wake up kids and start preparing school lunches
6am kids brekkie together
6:20 leave for school
8am back home and start cooking while tot plays pr does an activity and snacks
9am completed with cooking for the day including lunch time snacks.
Free till 12 for incidentals
12:30 prayer time
1pm leave for school rounds i carry our lunch and watch the kids play sport
3:30 arrive back home and prep for extra murals
4pm drop kids to extra mural activities
4:30 tot snack time and prayer time
5pm collect kids
Start homework
6:30 dinner and prayer
7pm kids shower
7:30 walk in summer or tv time in winter
8pm kids reading and bedtime
8:30 relax a bit
9:30 prayer and bedtime for me

2 thoughts on “Organising My Day (Part 3)

    • KidEdventures says:

      Hi there Jesska. Thank you ❤ during the week days monday to friday i m totally routine driven. With 3/4 kids being at school i have to work around a schedule to make sure everyones needs are met. Because i always allocate a bit of extra time to each entry on my schedule it makes it much easier to fit everything in and often end up with extra time for incidentals and unplanned activitues. During the weekend or holidays i am flexible. The kids need some room to breath and relax a bit so we take it as it comes. Usually meal times are pretty fixed but everthing else is just go-with-the-flow ❤❤❤


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