What printer and paper do I use for my printable activities?

The reason for this blog post is to familiarise you with the type of printer, paper and laminator I use for our printable activities. I have had a number of people asking me the above and I thought I may as well put all the details together in one post. I hope this proves useful … Continue reading What printer and paper do I use for my printable activities?

Giant Perler Bead Fine Motor Activity

I absolutely love the creativity sparked from Perler Beads. We bought some pretty designs for my older kids. Although i found the beads to be too little in size for my toddler until i came accross what i refer to as Giant Perler Beads available from Dischem, smaller bead sets for older kids available at PerlerBeads.co.za.  I … Continue reading Giant Perler Bead Fine Motor Activity

Yellow Tinker Tray and Playdough Invitation to Play

After learning a particular concept like colours, shapes, animals etc i like to reinforce my tots knowledge and understanding by setting up trays that combine a number of learnt concepts into one. Today we focussed on the colour yellow, the square, rectangle and circle shapes and of course our little duck which she is all … Continue reading Yellow Tinker Tray and Playdough Invitation to Play

Chinese Stirfry and Noodles

Ingredients: Crunchy stifry mix from Woolworths (Or u can julienne the following vegetables: red onion, cabbage, spinach, red pepper, carrots and add in aome tenderstem baby broccoli) Egg noodles (ready and refridgerated or prepacked both from Woolworths) Coarse sea salt in a grinder While black peppercorns in a grinder Soya sauce Sweet indonesian stirfry soya … Continue reading Chinese Stirfry and Noodles

Sealife and Playdough Invitation to Play

I love the vibrance and educational benefit that Invitation trays offer toddlers. It gives them a constructive opportunity to explore, create and play. ♡It is a wonderful tool to build their imagination. ♡Playdough offers a great fine motor workout for their tiny fingers ♡They are given the opportunity to explore new 'little' worlds through themed … Continue reading Sealife and Playdough Invitation to Play

School Lunch Organiser

School Lunch Organiser How do you plan your kids school lunches? Is it impromptu, planned a day in advance? A week? Or monthly? Ive put up a wipe-clean board for each school-going child on my fridge with a list of their preferences: main, fruit and snack. Under each ive written in what they like and … Continue reading School Lunch Organiser

Little Blue Truck

|The Little Blue Truck - by Alice Schertle| Storyline: This book is about a kind Little Blue Truck who is always helpful and assists a hasty big Dump Truck from getting out of trouble. Learning areas: lifeskills (kindness, friendliness and helpfullness), animals and their sounds Read aloud story Age group: 2-5 years old Activities: @simplylearning … Continue reading Little Blue Truck