Chinese Stirfry and Noodles


Crunchy stifry mix from Woolworths
(Or u can julienne the following vegetables: red onion, cabbage, spinach, red pepper, carrots and add in aome tenderstem baby broccoli)
Egg noodles (ready and refridgerated or prepacked both from Woolworths)
Coarse sea salt in a grinder
While black peppercorns in a grinder
Soya sauce
Sweet indonesian stirfry soya sauce

Simmer the prepacked noodles with water and some salt and drain
Seperately melt a spoonful of butter and coconut oil in a wok. Add the vegetables, some freshly ground sea salt and black pepper, a spkash of soya sauce and a drizzle of the sweet indonesian stirfry sauce.
Toss for 2-3 minutes.
Add in your drained noodles and another splash of soya sauce. Toss and serve.

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