Letters of the Alphabet Toddler Activity

We began getting familiar with the letters of the alphabet when my daughter was 2 (she is now 3). And that is exactly what it is-getting familiar!!!! In my opinion there is no right or wrong time to introduce literacy to children, the earlier the better! While they may not recite the letters, or even … Continue reading Letters of the Alphabet Toddler Activity

Flowers and Paint Stamping

We had quite a few flowers remaining after our dyed flowers experiment, so we decided to get creative with some flower and paint stamping.  I offered my little girl 3 colors of paint and 3 flowers to stamp to her hearts delight. We used poster paints from Woolworths. And the same white sprays we used in … Continue reading Flowers and Paint Stamping

Giant Perler Bead Fine Motor Activity

I absolutely love the creativity sparked from Perler Beads. We bought some pretty designs for my older kids. Although i found the beads to be too little in size for my toddler until i came accross what i refer to as Giant Perler Beads available from Dischem, smaller bead sets for older kids available at PerlerBeads.co.za.  I … Continue reading Giant Perler Bead Fine Motor Activity

Snail Tissue Paper Art

We loved getting our hand muscles working in this activity. Preparation: You will need: Tissue paper cut into 5cm x 5cm squares (3 colours) Cardstock or canvas to work on All purpose glue Pencil Some googly eyes I penciled in a snail on the cardboard but you can really do this craft with any drawing, … Continue reading Snail Tissue Paper Art