My Special Angels-The Two Noble Scribes (by Razana Noor)

  This is a beautifully written story introducing children to the Two Noble Scribes aka the Kiramin Katibin or the angels on your right and left shoulder who are responsible for writing down your deeds. It is written in rhyming verse making it very appealing and exciting to younger and older readers. The book focusses … Continue reading My Special Angels-The Two Noble Scribes (by Razana Noor)


Letters of the Alphabet Toddler Activity

We began getting familiar with the letters of the alphabet when my daughter was 2 (she is now 3). And that is exactly what it is-getting familiar!!!! In my opinion there is no right or wrong time to introduce literacy to children, the earlier the better! While they may not recite the letters, or even … Continue reading Letters of the Alphabet Toddler Activity

Yellow Tinker Tray and Playdough Invitation to Play

After learning a particular concept like colours, shapes, animals etc i like to reinforce my tots knowledge and understanding by setting up trays that combine a number of learnt concepts into one. Today we focussed on the colour yellow, the square, rectangle and circle shapes and of course our little duck which she is all … Continue reading Yellow Tinker Tray and Playdough Invitation to Play

Sealife and Playdough Invitation to Play

I love the vibrance and educational benefit that Invitation trays offer toddlers. It gives them a constructive opportunity to explore, create and play. β™‘It is a wonderful tool to build their imagination. β™‘Playdough offers a great fine motor workout for their tiny fingers β™‘They are given the opportunity to explore new 'little' worlds through themed … Continue reading Sealife and Playdough Invitation to Play

Little Blue Truck

|The Little Blue Truck - by Alice Schertle| Storyline: This book is about a kind Little Blue Truck who is always helpful and assists a hasty big Dump Truck from getting out of trouble. Learning areas: lifeskills (kindness, friendliness and helpfullness), animals and their sounds Read aloud story Age group: 2-5 years old Activities: @simplylearning … Continue reading Little Blue Truck

Tiny Little Greenhouse

I set up this tray for my 6 year old for when she got home from school the other day. We have been wanting to plant for a while now and when i discovered this very cute idea from i decided we need to do it right away. She loved the authenticity of planting … Continue reading Tiny Little Greenhouse

Rainbow Rice Princess I-Spy Bottle

Our rainbow rice princess i-spy sensory bottle. Honestly i would have loved this bottle to have plain pink or plain purple rice but i had a tank of rainbow rice that we havent used in a while so i decided to just make use of it. (Dont be surprised when i revisit this sensory bottle … Continue reading Rainbow Rice Princess I-Spy Bottle