Chinese Stirfry and Noodles


Crunchy stifry mix from Woolworths
(Or u can julienne the following vegetables: red onion, cabbage, spinach, red pepper, carrots and add in aome tenderstem baby broccoli)
Egg noodles (ready and refridgerated or prepacked both from Woolworths)
Coarse sea salt in a grinder
While black peppercorns in a grinder
Soya sauce
Sweet indonesian stirfry soya sauce

Simmer the prepacked noodles with water and some salt and drain
Seperately melt a spoonful of butter and coconut oil in a wok. Add the vegetables, some freshly ground sea salt and black pepper, a spkash of soya sauce and a drizzle of the sweet indonesian stirfry sauce.
Toss for 2-3 minutes.
Add in your drained noodles and another splash of soya sauce. Toss and serve.


School Lunch Organiser


School Lunch Organiser
How do you plan your kids school lunches? Is it impromptu, planned a day in advance? A week? Or monthly?
Ive put up a wipe-clean board for each school-going child on my fridge with a list of their preferences: main, fruit and snack. Under each ive written in what they like and i try to make sure they get 1xmain 2xfruit and 2xsnack or 3xsnack. There arent that many preferences that are common to all 3 of them. So having this list makes it easier to prepare their lunches without asking them each day what they would like and without confusing the one who likes pasta arrabiata with the other 2 who prefer pasta and cheese.
I also aim to pack snacks and fruit portions the night before. And main portion in the morning (unless of course it is somethin that will stay well if packed the night before too)
In an effort to pack a rainbow lunch for them i have kept a pie chart with the food groups right next to lunch menu. I sometimes fail but try to make it up by offering them those foods for after-school lunch or dinner.

Pasta arrabiata
Mac and cheese
Baked baby potatoes with cheese
Chicken pita with cheese and lettuce
Chicken sandwhiches or rolls
Buttered bread
Peanut butter sandwhich
Toast with jam and butter
Creamy spaghetti with brocolli and corn
Chicken nuggets
Fish fingers
Cut corn with butter
Chicken salad
Cottage pie


Cereal bar
Cream crackers
Macadamia nuts
Crunchy corn
Dried mango
Dried apple
Dried banana


Food Group Plate / Pie Chart

School Lunchbox Organising


Lunchboxes and organising
So having 4 kids means i have to be super organised when it comes to lunchbox preparation and organising. For me the best way to do this is to color co-ordinate lunchboxes and keep a variety of sizes to fit all the yummies.

I let the kids choose their own color, my son being undecided between blue and green ended up with both. And my toddler gets away using any small little lunchbox thats left over from the rest (soon we’ll have to go lunchbox shopping for her).

I prefer to pack their snacks in individual or stacking containers and the size of container will depend on the type of snack. I try to use what fits together nicely to save space and avoid an overcrowded overflowing lunchbox.

Some of the dry snacks i include are:
Dried apricots
Dried mango (cut smaller)
Macadamia nuts
Dried cranberries
Dried banana
Dried apples

Fresh snacks:
Cubed fruit (usually 2-3 / seperately packed)
Cream cheese cubes
Baby cucumber
Baby tomatoes
Finger carrots
Grilled mushrooms
A banana
Mini salad (cucumber, feta cheese and mini tomatoes – for those who like tomatoes)

Main lunch meal:
Arrabbiata/napoletana with penne/fusili
Finshfingers, half slice buttered bread
Chicken and mayo sandwhich
Chicken nuggets with half seeded roll
Sweetcorn and butter as a side
Baby baked potatoes, peas or corn and a small slice of chicken
Chicken burgers
Mac and cheese
Cheese sandwhich
Cream cheese and cucumber sandwhich
Peanut butter bread
Chicken pitas
Tuna and mayo sandwhich

Dessert (Fridays only to avoid too much sweeties)
Popping candy filled biscuits available at Woolworths

I try not to cut the sandwhiches using the shape sandwhich cutters to avoid waste. But what i do like to do is cut the bread into longer strips or wedges or pieces that almost fit together like a tangram or puzzle.

I try to make sure i pack somethin from each list for everyday so they get a decent balance.

Ive also drawn up list of each childs lunch preferences so that prep time is a breeze. At times choices coincide and sometimes they dont. But the list helps me to prepare somethin different each time without having to ask them every night what they would like for the next day.