Easy no-cook Playdough

Recipe: 2 cups all purpose flour 2 Tbps cream of tartar 2 Tbsp vegetable oil 1/2 cup salt Food color (i use cakeflora gel colors) 1 & 1/2 cup boiling water (add 1 cup and mix and then add the balance) Method: Mix all the dry ingredients together Add the oil Add some food color … Continue reading Easy no-cook Playdough

Sealife and Playdough Invitation to Play

I love the vibrance and educational benefit that Invitation trays offer toddlers. It gives them a constructive opportunity to explore, create and play. ♡It is a wonderful tool to build their imagination. ♡Playdough offers a great fine motor workout for their tiny fingers ♡They are given the opportunity to explore new 'little' worlds through themed … Continue reading Sealife and Playdough Invitation to Play

Playdough and Straw invitation to play

This is a wonderful fine motor activity for tots and offers them an invitation to explore. I used coloured straws cut up into quarters and a single ball of our Homemade Playdough layed out on a tray. She got busy sticking the straws into the playdough. The first time i set out this activity for … Continue reading Playdough and Straw invitation to play

Playdough Nightsky

Our playdough nightsky creations. The kids used the laminated A5 paper as a canvas to roll out and press their dough. From an additional sheet of laminated paper i cut out some crescent shapes, And then they decorated with glitter and stars We used our homemade playdough recipe which can be found under the homemade … Continue reading Playdough Nightsky

Coffee Bean Sensory Bin

Our butterfly and coffee bean sensory tray was a hit. My toddler used the spoons to pick up the butterflies and drop them into the bowl. Areas of learning: Imagination Spatial orientation Visual perception Depth perception Colour recognition Counting Lots of mixing happening, shouting out the colours, counting the butterflies and imaginative play.