Sensory I-Spy Bottles

I love sensory i-spy bottles. They provide the much needed interest and entertainment for a bored toddler and are especially helpful on the go. Many times they proved to spark my older kids into a game of i-spy. You will need: PVC clear bottle Fill 3/4 full with rice Add in 8-10 miniatures (try different … Continue reading Sensory I-Spy Bottles


Bird Feeders

Birdfeeders These are by far the easiest little birdfeeders to make. You need: Birdseed Popsickle sticks for spreading Toilet roll tubes And peanut butter. Spread the peanut butter onto the toilet roll tubes and dip in birdseed. Attach a string or ribbon and hang onto a tree or alternatively we used an old dried up … Continue reading Bird Feeders

Pastel 2-Ingredient Playdough

Today we spent most of our morning making this beautiful pastel playdough that requires just 2 ingredients and is sooooo soft and sweet-smelling 1 cup cornflour 1/2 cup conditioner Mix, mix, knead, pinch, squeeze, mix and you've got yourself some beautifully soft playdough. Add in some gel food color and we threw in some fairy … Continue reading Pastel 2-Ingredient Playdough

Cloud Dough – Yellow

Today we made this beautiful fluffy yellow cloud dough. It is thee easiest recipe and whips up in no time providing a wonderful sensory experience. I love this activity because it combines 2 textures in one. A smooth powdery dough which can then be crumbled. The recipe: 4 cups all purpose flour 1/2 cup cooking … Continue reading Cloud Dough – Yellow

Green is for GO!!! Color activity for tots!!!

Green is for GO!!!!! Today we are focussing on the color GREEN. We coloured some rice green for our sensory bin. And i threw in some scoops and cups to play with. I also hid some green shapes inside the rice for my 2 year old to look for. And laid out a green grass … Continue reading Green is for GO!!! Color activity for tots!!!