Rainbow Rice Princess I-Spy Bottle


Our rainbow rice princess i-spy sensory bottle. Honestly i would have loved this bottle to have plain pink or plain purple rice but i had a tank of rainbow rice that we havent used in a while so i decided to just make use of it. (Dont be surprised when i revisit this sensory bottle and whip up a batch of new pink coloured rice)
Most of our contents are barbie accessories that have been misplaced (by my kids), earrings that have lost their partner and some charms and sequins.
My toddler lovvves disney princesses at the moment and i thought she might like to have a themed sensory bottle. I managed to also find a silver barbie crown which i added at the end. It was magical 👑👑👑👑👑


Mixed Sensory I-Spy Bottle


Mixed Sensory i-spy Bottle
I made this one a while ago, but emptied it today to change a few of the objects. I included a letter “A” this time around for my toddler as her name begins with “A”. When my 6 year old was still learning her letters i put all 26 letters of the alphabet into a bottle to look for. The possibilities are endless. Other items are just general vocabulary builders. Also included were few of @safariltd miniature creatures (sold individually) great for sensory bottles.

Sensory I-Spy Bottles


I love sensory i-spy bottles. They provide the much needed interest and entertainment for a bored toddler and are especially helpful on the go.
Many times they proved to spark my older kids into a game of i-spy.

You will need:
PVC clear bottle
Fill 3/4 full with rice
Add in 8-10 miniatures (try different colors to reinforce colour recognition)

We have tried different types of sensory bottles. Ones filled with coloured water, some glitter and stars. Another filled with green tea leaves and little lizard figurines. Another filler with colourful waterbeads. They provide lots of fun for littlies