School Lunch Organiser

School Lunch Organiser How do you plan your kids school lunches? Is it impromptu, planned a day in advance? A week? Or monthly? Ive put up a wipe-clean board for each school-going child on my fridge with a list of their preferences: main, fruit and snack. Under each ive written in what they like and … Continue reading School Lunch Organiser

Kids Planner

How do you prepare for your kids school week? 3 out of my 4 kids are at school so to make sure each of them have what they need for everyday i drew up a simple weekly table for each one. Laminated it so that it functions as a white board and put it up … Continue reading Kids Planner

Organising My Day (Part 2)

The next part of how i organise my day / days📔🎀📔 I have always been a lover of folios/planners/momagendas/diaries. In fact i consider myself the first customer when the next years diaries are launched 😂 But more recently i have moved away from having a diary and i have moved on exclusively to keeping a … Continue reading Organising My Day (Part 2)