Coffee Bean Sensory Bin


Our butterfly and coffee bean sensory tray was a hit. My toddler used the spoons to pick up the butterflies and drop them into the bowl.
Areas of learning:
Spatial orientation
Visual perception
Depth perception
Colour recognition


Lots of mixing happening, shouting out the colours, counting the butterflies and imaginative play.


Cloud Dough – Yellow


Today we made this beautiful fluffy yellow cloud dough. It is thee easiest recipe and whips up in no time providing a wonderful sensory experience. I love this activity because it combines 2 textures in one. A smooth powdery dough which can then be crumbled.
The recipe:
4 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup cooking oil
Powder food colouring (as desired)
Mix all together until even.
And thats it 💛💛💛💛💛
(This recipe means that even if tots happen to put it into their mouth it wont be toxic)
You can substitute the cooking oil for baby oil for a beautiful soft fragrance but then do remember to prevent them from eating it.
If you cant find powdered foodcoloring you can use non toxic powdered paint available at all craft stores. Again remember you need to prevent them from eating any of it.

The recipe above can be halved or double. But if you follow it as is its usually enough for a sensory bin.

Green is for GO!!! Color activity for tots!!!


Green is for GO!!!!!
Today we are focussing on the color GREEN. We coloured some rice green for our sensory bin. And i threw in some scoops and cups to play with.
I also hid some green shapes inside the rice for my 2 year old to look for.
And laid out a green grass mat for texture too!!!!!

Recipe for colouring rice:
1 tablespoon vinegar
Few drops food colouring (i use the gel type)
1 cup rice

The easiest mess free way of doing this would be to put all the ingredients in a ziplock bag and shake away until all rice is colored. Then lay out on a shallow tray until dried (which is usually super fast).
Make all the colors and mix them together for your rainbow rice sensory bin. Voila!!!