Toy Organising

Every 3 months i rotate the toys in our home that are open and available for the kids to play with. Over the years i have come to notice that if there were too many options available the kids would easily become bored with seeing all of it. Often the floor would be strewn with … Continue reading Toy Organising

Shapes & Colors – Melissa & Doug

I am a HUGE fan of Melissa & Doug toys. They are all so appropriate and exciting to play with. Today my tot (2 years old) enjoyed playing with this shape sorter. I love this because it encourages hand-eye coordination, color recognition & shape recognition. Older kids can also use the shapes to trace around … Continue reading Shapes & Colors – Melissa & Doug

Colorful Caterpillar – Melissa & Doug

I love Melissa and Dougs Colorful Caterpillar for my almost 2 year old. Teaches colour recognition, cause and effect(when you turn one gear they all rotate - how cute?), hand-eye co-ordination by placing each gear on the corresponding colour knob. Count them too if you would like to!!! Available at Toy Adventure Stores (SA) & … Continue reading Colorful Caterpillar – Melissa & Doug