Letters of the Alphabet Toddler Activity

We began getting familiar with the letters of the alphabet when my daughter was 2 (she is now 3). And that is exactly what it is-getting familiar!!!! In my opinion there is no right or wrong time to introduce literacy to children, the earlier the better! While they may not recite the letters, or even associate upper case letters with lower case letters, the idea is to let the visual opportuniy be available to them. That way they will start becoming familiar with the formation of the letters and with the sound and pronounciation too, thereby paving the way for reading later on.

When we do our activities I say the letter and I do the sound a few times. I like her to repeat after me, but even if she doesnt its ok. When we move on to the next letter, we revise the old ones that are up on our wall. Id like to again add that even if she doesnt repeat it, I am quite satisfied that she is receiving the visual and oral stimuli.

I have introduced mixed media to my little one, it provides the sensory stimulation, I allow her to get messy and feel and experience each items unique attributes. We are using poster paints, acrylic pva, finger paints, do-a-dot paints, watercolours, oil pastels, wax crayons, glitter, stickers, appliques and embelishments, stamp markers and much much more as we go along.

We used wax twisters and embellishments.

We used do-a-dot paint bottles

We used oil pastels for the letter Cc and do-a-dot paint, stamp markers and stickers for Dd

We used poster paints, a peg and pompom

Using a glue stick and some glitter

Using heart stickers to paste on top of the big hearts and circles for the small hearts

For our letter Hh we are using multi coloured dot stickers for a good fine motor workout

Some foam stampers and poster paints for the letter Ii

All our letter of the alphabet printables can be found at Kim Lifeovercs.


Flowers and Paint Stamping

We had quite a few flowers remaining after our dyed flowers experiment, so we decided to get creative with some flower and paint stamping. 

I offered my little girl 3 colors of paint and 3 flowers to stamp to her hearts delight.

We used poster paints from Woolworths. And the same white sprays we used in our dye experiment. 

It started out neat…

And turned into a beautiful mess…

DIY Chalk Paint


Today we made chalkpaint. I didnt have the usual ingredients for it so we made a compromised version:
2 parts water
1 part cornflour
Foodcolour (Although i added more conflour about a tablespoon extra because i found it too runny)
This paint is super awesome if filled in squeeze bottles like in the picture above. Offers a good amount of hand-muscle work and is loads of fun too.


When using it on your sidewalk it will turn white when dry. You need to only spray some water to clean up.

Mixed Media Art


Mixed Media Art by my 6 year old.
We used different mediums to create this work of art.

1. Mummy drew some clouds on a piece of contact paper and 6year old cut them out and pasted them onto some paper.
2. We mixed some powder paint and threw in some glitter and she got painting. After which we removed the contact paper (you can see we didnt press down firmly to begin with-hence the smudges)
3. We cut some plain white cardboard into 3 rectangles and colored with brown oil pastels for the baskets.
4. I drew some balloons on coloured cardstock and she cut these out and pasted it above.

Family tree


A few years ago we decided to paint a family tree on the garage/toy room wall.
The kids absolutely enjoyed this.


And around it went all the toys.
We rearranged this room so many times over and since then we’ve also repainted it. This time with chalk board paint so the kids have an entire drawing wall dedicated entirely to their grafitti…

Will post pictures of how we have updated the room 💜💜💜

Easter Handprint and Egg Coloring Activity


We modified the original craft i took from DLTK-Kids a little bit, i helped each child to outline their hand and arm directly onto the wall in our garage and then paint it in to serve as the tree trunk. We then drew around it until we had a complete picture.
I downloaded an Easter Egg Printable which the kids enjoyed colouring in and then sticking it underneath their trees.