My Special Angels-The Two Noble Scribes (by Razana Noor)

  This is a beautifully written story introducing children to the Two Noble Scribes aka the Kiramin Katibin or the angels on your right and left shoulder who are responsible for writing down your deeds. It is written in rhyming verse making it very appealing and exciting to younger and older readers. The book focusses … Continue reading My Special Angels-The Two Noble Scribes (by Razana Noor)

Ramadan Advent Calendar – Part 1

It is the very first time i have decided to attempt making an advent calendar. And what better occasion than the month of Ramadan. However i have realised that these calendars are wonderful to use to count down any other special occasion, birthdays, christmas, weddings etc. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar, … Continue reading Ramadan Advent Calendar – Part 1