My Special Angels-The Two Noble Scribes (by Razana Noor)


My Special Angels Reader

My Special Angels Hardback

This is a beautifully written story introducing children to the Two Noble Scribes aka the Kiramin Katibin or the angels on your right and left shoulder who are responsible for writing down your deeds.

It is written in rhyming verse making it very appealing and exciting to younger and older readers. The book focusses on positive and negative behaviour (good and bad deeds) in a cheerful manner and also indicates the importance of saying sorry. It also emphasises on the glory of good deeds and how appreciative God is of our deeds no matter how big or small they may seem.

I would like to invite you to scroll down to see a sneak peak of the inside of the book, the pictures are colourful and bold with easy to follow text.

I love books that have a moral to the story, yet are fun and inviting to read. I often like to choose our stories in line with the occasion. This particular book we particularly enjoyed reading on the Eve of Shabe Baraat (an islamic auspicious night that emphasises the beauty and power of Gods compassion and forgiveness).

I laid out an activity at the end of our reading session for the kids as follows:

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Ramadan Advent Calendar – Part 1

It is the very first time i have decided to attempt making an advent calendar. And what better occasion than the month of Ramadan. However i have realised that these calendars are wonderful to use to count down any other special occasion, birthdays, christmas, weddings etc.

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar, it is a time when Muslims around the world fast from pre-dawn until sunset, charity and prayer is increased and it is a period of spiritual reform and religious devotion.

The Islamic months are represented by the lunar calendar and the start and end of each month is determined by the sighting of the moon.

Sehri/Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal that muslims partake of before the commencement of the fasting day and Iftaar is the meal prepared to open or break ones fast – this time co-incides with that of maghrib or sunset.

Whilst fasting it is necessary to refrain from All food and drink, intercourse and all types of unnecessary activities. An intention and effort must be made to increase ones devotion and good deeds.

In assembling my advent calendar for Ramadan this year, i took into account all of the above while drawing up the entries for each day. I have seen some of the most beautiful calendars on pinterest and through Google but i had decided very late (a day before ramadan) that this is what i wanted to do. So my kids and myself decided to use what we have – with a bit of creativity and put something together. I knew if i spent any more time paging the beautiful pinterest-worthy calendars that my mind would be sobtaken away that i would end up with no calenndar at all (besides the images in my head).

So in all the hurry to “feel” the excitement we quickly wound up some
-blank paper envelopes(30 of them/1 for each day)
-coaster sized paper doillies in white(to decorate each envelope)
-watercolor palette
-coffee paint (this is just a tablespoon of coffee dissolved in a tablespoon of water)
-paint brushes
-numbers 1-30 printed out
(These supplies covered us for the actual calendar itself which we stuck onto a window in our dining area of the house – i chose to put it up here because this would be where we eat and where we will handle our activities)


Ramadan advent calendar in the making

We painted our doillies gently (many of them destroyed due to pressure of the brush and water), but we learnt from that and painted them very lightly afterwards.
10 of them using our coffee paint, 10 using pink watercolor and 10 using blue watercolour. This worked well to divide the month into thirds according to the significance of each of the 10 days.


We continued by sticking the doillies onto the envelopes once dried. I used a glue stick directly onto the envelope and not onto the doillie itself as they are super fragile. And thereafter added the numbers 1-30. We then put them up onto the window using some Prestik to make them easy to remove and open each day


Immediately underneath the calendar i put a table to hold all our printed activities (i will post these seperately), our books, a puzzle, dates and a jug of water.

My next post will include all our calendar entries, ideas and a link to the beautiful tags i printed out for the calendar.