Giving your child an allowance? Yay or Nay?

I have waited patiently to write an article on this topic. I wanted to be certain that my opinion is based on experience. At the beginning of last year we decided to start giving the kids an allowance. There were many reasons why I assumed it would be useful. Everytime we would walk into a … Continue reading Giving your child an allowance? Yay or Nay?

School Lunch Organiser

School Lunch Organiser How do you plan your kids school lunches? Is it impromptu, planned a day in advance? A week? Or monthly? Ive put up a wipe-clean board for each school-going child on my fridge with a list of their preferences: main, fruit and snack. Under each ive written in what they like and … Continue reading School Lunch Organiser

Organising My Day (Part 2)

The next part of how i organise my day / days📔🎀📔 I have always been a lover of folios/planners/momagendas/diaries. In fact i consider myself the first customer when the next years diaries are launched 😂 But more recently i have moved away from having a diary and i have moved on exclusively to keeping a … Continue reading Organising My Day (Part 2)

Reward Charts – Keep it Simple

As long as i can remember i have been keeping a reward chart for each child. In fact so much has changed between my first chart and where we are now. Lots and lots of modifications in between and we are finally here using out Melissa & Doug reward chart with magnetic board. ( Available … Continue reading Reward Charts – Keep it Simple

Appreciate your Littlies

I read an article on 66 Positive things to say to your child the other day and for me it was a fruitful reminder of how important it is to praise and appreciate our children. Do you also tend to overuse a particular "praise-phrase"? I sometimes tend to, especially in the busy-ness of it all. Even though … Continue reading Appreciate your Littlies

The Wonders of Parenthood

Whilst writing this article i tend to feel like the title is absolutely clichè. Yet the experience of parenthood and the many wonders are in fact so unique to each of us. How a mother feels when she experiences life inside of her for the very first time. Although almost all mothers experience "wonderment", it … Continue reading The Wonders of Parenthood