Baby On-the-Go Family Album 0-2 yrs

On-the-Go baby photo album joined by a key ring and some teething links

I made this sweet little baby family photo album when my now toddler was around 11 months old. She was absolutely fascinated to see pictures of herself. In fact she was simply fascinated to see pictures of all of us.

To make one of these (and i promise it is worth it) you will need:

  • Everyday Photo paper
  • Printer
  • Laminator and laminating pouch
  • Key ring
  • Some teething links

Select the pictures you would like to use and paste each one into a word document (preferrably each one on its own page). I used 3 pictures of my toddler and 1 of each of the other family members (mum, dad, grandma and siblings).

Add in a text box under the picture with each persons name and relationship e.g My Sister – Iman underneath Imans photo.

I then proceeded to print on some everyday photo paper. 

These sheets are A4 in size and i chose to print 4 pictures on each page. So basically each picture with caption resulted in being A6 in size perfect for little hands to hold comfortably. I laminated the pictures before cutting them. And then punched a single hole in the top left corner. Put them onto a key ring and then attached the teething links. I clipped the end onto her stroller while we were out and about.

This very same album can be made for older kids too by continually adding favourite photos to the key ring. 


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